General Terms and Conditions of Business and Booking

of Travel24 Hotel Leipzig Betriebsgesellschaft mbH for hotel services (accommodation and other services)

I. Scope


Travel24 Hotel Leipzig Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (referred to in the following as the hotel) lets to the hotel guest (referred to in the following as the guest) the agreed hotel room with the agreed furnishings and equipment for the agreed duration of the stay. These General Terms and Conditions of business and booking (referred to in the following as the GTC) apply to accommodation contracts for the letting of hotel rooms and to all further supplies and services provided by the hotel for the guest.


II. Reservations/Resale


(1) Acceptance of a reservation made by a guest creates an accommodation contract. The reservation of booked hotel rooms is binding for both contracting parties. The reservation of booked hotel rooms which have not yet been paid for shall remain valid until 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. Guests shall not be entitled to demand overnight lodgings in a specific hotel room. The hotel reserves the right to let the reserved hotel room to other guests upon expiry of the reservation.


(2) The guest shall receive a binding booking/reservation number from the hotel; written confirmation of reservation can be provided on request. Reservation numbers received by the guest from third parties (e.g. internet portals or tourist offices) are not identical with the hotel's own reservation numbers. The guest may ask for the hotel's reservation number at any time. The hotel reserves the right to define restrictions which are customary in the industry, such as minimum periods of stay, booking guarantees or advance payments for single reservations.


(3) Bookings are non-transferable (may not be resold) and hotel rooms may not be sublet or passed on to third parties. In particular no hotel rooms and/or hotel room contingents may be passed on to third parties at prices higher than the actual hotel room prices. Claims against the hotel may not be assigned or sold. In such cases the hotel shall have the right to cancel the booking, including in but not limited to circumstances in which the guest has assigned/sold a reservation to a third party under false pretences with regard to the type of booking or payment. The hotel room may not be used for any purpose other than as accommodation.


III. Reservation, cancellation


(1) The difference between a simple and a guaranteed reservation is that under simple reservation the guest merely books a hotel room. A guaranteed reservation, on the other hand, is one for which the guest has guaranteed payment before the date of arrival by providing his or her credit card details. Cancellation refers to the guest's withdrawal from the accommodation contract.


(2) If a guest who has made a simple reservation does not arrive at the hotel by 6 p.m., the reservation will expire without replacement and the reserved hotel room will go back on open sale. If a guaranteed reservation is made, the hotel room will remain booked for the guest even after 6 p.m.


(3) Cancellations may only be made together with the reservation number of the hotel. The guest can cancel simple and guaranteed reservations at no charge up to 6 p.m. on the day of arrival. Cancellations of guaranteed reservations after 6 p.m. on the day of arrival will not be accepted and do not result in termination of the accommodation contract. In this case the guest will still be liable to pay the full price for the first night of the period booked. The same shall apply if the guest does not appear on the day of arrival without cancelling his or her reservation (no show). The guest shall have the right to demonstrate that the hotel thereby saved more money than it lost by not receiving payment of the price for the accommodation.


(4) If the guest makes a guaranteed reservation for a period of several days, all the following nights from the second night on will be cancelled if the guest does not arrive (no show). The guest shall not be entitled to accommodation for the following nights.


VI. Special terms and conditions for periods during which trade fairs, exhibitions and events are being held


During periods in which trade fairs, exhibitions and events are being held cancellations must be made within 14 days of the booked date. Only guaranteed, not simple reservations, will be accepted for overnight stays. The hotel shall inform the guest when trade fairs, exhibitions and events are being held on inquiry and no later than when the guest makes a reservation.


V. Group bookings


Only guaranteed reservations with advance payment may be made for group bookings of six or more rooms and roomnights. The separate contract terms of the accommodation contract also apply.


VI. Advance payment of the price of accommodation


The total price for booked accommodation services must be paid by the guest in advance upon arrival at the latest.


VII. Taxes / charges / levies


(1) The agreed prices shall be payable. If no price has been agreed, the price list used by the hotel at the time the contract is made shall apply. The hotel shall be entitled to increase or reduce the accommodation prices if a period of four months or longer passes between the time of the reservation by the guest and the day of arrival. The guest is not entitled to demand a reduction in the accommodation prices. If prices go up by more than 5%, the guest is entitled to withdraw from the contract. This does not apply to increases in taxes, charge and levies.


(2) Unless explicitly stated otherwise, the prices and amounts stated in these GTC and in the reservation are inclusive of the applicable value-added tax and all statutory taxes, charges and levies.


(3) Not included in the room rate are local taxes like visitor‘s tax or city tax, which are payable by the costumer himself. In the event of changes in taxes, fees or charges as well as implementation of new taxes, fees or charges the hotel reserves the right to adjust the prices accordingly.


VIII. Terms of payment


(1) The accommodation prices and the prices for additional services (such as parking, breakfast, charges for pets and all other amounts payable which are not explicitly stated as being included in the accommodation price) must be paid by the guest in advance regardless of the invoice date. If invoices are not paid in good time, the hotel will be entitled to terminate the accommodation contract and the guest must leave the hotel room.


(2) Payment may be made in cash in euros or by EC card, Master Card, Visa Card or American Express in euros. Services cannot be provided on account.


IX. No offsetting, retention or assignment


(1) The guest may only offset against undisputed or legally established claims or exercise a right of retention on the basis of undisputed or legally established claims arising from the same contractual relationship.


(2) The guest may only assign claims against the hotel or factor claims for collection by third parties with the hotel's prior written consent.


X. Terms of use


Reserved hotel rooms may be occupied from 3 p.m. at the latest on the day of arrival and until 12 midday on the day of departure. The hotel room may only be used by the persons stated in the reservation. The maximum occupancy for each hotel room category may not be exceeded. The price for minors and young children is the same as that for adults. The guest must comply with the hotel rules during his or her stay at the hotel.


XI. Liability


(1) The hotel shall be liable for any damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health caused by its fault. The hotel shall also be liable for damages resulting from intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the hotel and for damage arising from intentional or grossly negligent violation by the hotel of obligations typical of the contract. A breach of duty committed by a legal representative, employee or agent is deemed to be equivalent to that committed by the hotel. Unless stipulated otherwise in these GTC more extensive claims for damages are excluded.


(2) If disruptions or defects occur in respect of service provision on the part of the hotel, the hotel shall act to remedy upon obtaining knowledge of the disruptions or defects concerned or upon complaint lodged without delay by guests. The guest is obliged to do everything that can be reasonably expected of him or her to help remedy the given defect and to minimise any possible damage. The guest is obliged to draw the hotel’s attention in good time to the possibility that an exceptionally high level of damage may be incurred.


(3) The hotel shall be liable for items brought into the hotel as stipulated by law (sections 701 ff. German Civil Code, BGB). Liability is limited to one hundred times the price of the hotel room (minimum of 600 euros and maximum of 3,500 euros) and for money, securities and valuables up to 800 euros. This claim will expire if the guest does not report the loss or destruction of or damage to the item to the hotel without delay after becoming aware of such loss, destruction or damage (section 703 BGB). Statutory regulations apply in respect of unlimited liability.


(4) If the guest is provided with parking in the hotel car park or a hotel parking lot, either free or at a charge, this shall not bring about a safekeeping contract in this respect. The hotel is not required to provide surveillance. The hotel is liable for all damage under the rules set down in paragraph 1. The guest must report any damage immediately and must report obvious damage before leaving the car park or parking lot. The hotel disclaims liability for damage for which other guests or third parties are solely responsible.


(5) The guest is held liable by the hotel for any damage caused to the hotel's property, rooms furnishing and/or other hotel premises. Any damage caused to the hotel's property, rooms, furnishings and/or hotel premises must be reported immidiatly by the guest to the hotel staff. Damage or malfunctions otherwise noted must also be brought to the attention of the hotel staff immediately.

If the hotel holds the guest's credit card information, the hotel is entitled to pass on the charges immediately in the event of damage.

The guest reserves the right to provide proof of evidence equal to or lesser to the amount charged by the hotel in the event of caused damage.


XII. Own food and drink


Own food and drink may not be consumed in the public areas of the hotel. Breakfast may only be eaten in the rooms provided for this purpose (bar, lounge). Food and drinks offered for breakfast may not be taken away. Meals may not be prepared in hotel rooms.


XIII. No smoking in the hotel


(1) Smoking in the hotel is prohibited. Smoking is not allowed in either the public areas of the hotel or in hotel rooms.


(2) In all cases of infringement the hotel retains the right to charge the guest a flat rate of 50 euros for damages in the form of cleaning costs including any losses in turnover arising from the impossibility of letting the hotel room. We retain the right to assert more extensive claims for damages. The guest may endeavour to demonstrate that the hotel in fact incurred lower costs.


XIV. Pets


(1) Pets may only be brought to the hotel with the hotel's prior consent. The Guest must notify the hotel in advance of his/her intention to bring a pet. The hotel's consent to the pet in the hotel is subject to the condition subsequent that the pet is kept under the guest's permanent supervision, has no illnesses and presents no danger to other guests or hotel staff. Vaccination documents (e.g. vaccination pass, EU vet health certificate) must be shown at the hotel's request. Pets are not allowed in the breakfast rooms or the hotel bar. An additional charge is payable for each pet; the Guest will be informed of the actual charge made when the reservation is made.


(2) Guide, hearing and similar assistance dogs may be brought to the hotel at any time at no charge.


XV. Concluding terms


(1) Modifications or amendments to this contract or these GTC must be made in writing to be valid; the same applies to agreements regarding this requirement for written form. Unilateral modifications or amendments by the guest shall not be valid.


(2) The legal venue for all disputes between the contracting parties arising from this contractual relationship shall be Leipzig in those cases in which the party contracting with the hotel is a trader within the meaning of the German Commercial Code (HGB), a public law legal entity or a special fund under public law.


Leipzig, December 15th 2018